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The TIER1 F.P.S. Controller for PC/Android/PlayStation 3 represents a great leap forward in controller design and capability - in dominating the competition in online multiplayer! The TIER1 F.P.S. Controller is notable for its three additional ACTUATOR buttons (M, RM, LM), and its ON-CONTROLLER button REMAP and MACRO programming features.

The REMAP feature allows any standard button input to be mirrored to any of the TIER1 controller's ACTUATOR buttons. Don't like taking your thumb off the right analog stick to double jump in the newest FPS titles? REMAP that face button to RM or LM on the rear side of the TIER1 controller - now double jump with mid-air-aiming, a unique advantage!

The MACRO feature allows players to program a series of standard face button inputs and assign the entire sequence to any of the TIER1 controller's ACTUATOR buttons. And, for the first time ever, players can fine tune their program sequences with time-delays between inputs, ensuring perfect functionality with PS3 game, past and future! Drop-shots steal precious thumb-on-stick aiming capability, for up to a full second! With TIER1, just program the drop-shot sequence as a macro, assign it to a single ACTUATOR button, and gain the ability to aim through the entire animation sequence!


  • 10-foot wired controller
  • Pro-gamer ergonomics and analog sticks
  • ON-CONTROLLER REMAP and MACRO programming
  • 3 Additional TIER1 ACTUATOR Buttons for REMAP and MACRO programming


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